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  • in reply to: Warnings/ error messages – not seeing option to update theme? #16244

    I have the subscription and can download the file. When I do that will it erase all of the customizations I made to my site? I spent hours making changes and setting it up. What exactly will be affected?

    in reply to: Error messages in WordPress Dashboard #16243

    I’m flabbergasted and concerned about the comment that if I’ve made any modifications to the theme, when I update/install I will lose all that???? I spent HOURS doing that. The last update came via the Dashboard and didn’t cause issues. Why can’t it be done that way versus having to start from scratch on an install?

    in reply to: Photos no longer showing in Slider for Wide Version #8229

    Hey Dane-
    I noticed in addition to your images missing that you seem to have a similar issue as I do- the little boxes of text that show up over the slider images (I don’t know they are called) show up only when the screen is pretty large/ wide open, as you start to shrink down the size of the webpage those disappear pretty quickly. I’ve looked at a couple other people’s sites and notice those don’t disappear so quickly. I put a note in the support forum earlier, but haven’t heard back. I’m also having problems with the header on the homepage shifting right instead of staying centered when it is larger. But only on the homepage.
    Any thoughts you have are appreciated.

    in reply to: problems with installation #8228

    I set up a 2nd wordpress site to test before trying it on the site I already have set up.
    Thank goodness because it’s killed two test sites.
    Everything does fine until I install the rev slider – even doing it manually as you suggested above then it takes forever to move between pages and then I got this error message:

    “500: Internal server error
    This error is generated when a script running on the server could not be implemented or permissions are incorrectly assigned for files or directories
    Troubleshooting suggestions:
    Temporarily disable any rewrite rules by renaming your .htaccess file if it exists.
    Ensure that any CGI or Perl scripts have at least .755. permissions.
    If trying to run PHP and you get this error, you may have an invalid php.ini in your /cgi-bin, or may be missing your php.dat file in this folder. ”

    I’m having trouble with the way my slider is showing up on my page- it only shows when the window is maximized, and I’m wondering if it is because I don’t have the plug in installed, but installing the plug in kills my site.
    See other post I made re: header not showing up or take a look at my current site:


    in reply to: Logo / Header shifting to right #8226

    I couldn’t stand it because it looked so horrible, I changed it from “Centered” to left justify. So it at least left justifies instead of pushing off to the right when you view full size.
    BUT, the logo is still centered when you view it in a smaller size window and on all the other pages.
    Not sure why the logo is switching to right justify when the screen is larger (and the text for the services is showing up).
    Help still needed.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)