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problems with installation

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    I use network solutions for hosting.
    Installed wordpress using their application link.
    Upgraded to 3.8.1. for word press.
    Installed free Attitude, set up a bunch of pages, decided to upgrade to Pro Attitude.
    Installed Attitude Pro, then the recommended plug ins.
    Kept getting error messages and couldn’t move between pages- just hung up.
    Added a new word press account and re-installed Attitude Pro.
    Didn’t upgrade.
    Was able to move around BUT it was really, really slow and had to click multiple times.
    Installed the recommended plug ins, everything stopped working- pages just hang.
    Re-installed word press, it deleted all the work I had done. But at least works.
    Upgraded to word press 3.8.1. Everything works.
    Re-installed Attitude Pro theme. Everything works.
    Re-installed slider plug-in. Everything STOPS working. Pages just hang up, can’t navigate anywhere.

    Sanjip Shah

    @Jolie The plugin zip file is located inside theme folder->library folder->plugin folder->rev slider zip file. Then you can go to dashboard, Plugins->Add New. Then to install the zip file using this plugin zip file (upload zip file method) and see if this solves the issue.


    I set up a 2nd wordpress site to test before trying it on the site I already have set up.
    Thank goodness because it’s killed two test sites.
    Everything does fine until I install the rev slider – even doing it manually as you suggested above then it takes forever to move between pages and then I got this error message:

    “500: Internal server error
    This error is generated when a script running on the server could not be implemented or permissions are incorrectly assigned for files or directories
    Troubleshooting suggestions:
    Temporarily disable any rewrite rules by renaming your .htaccess file if it exists.
    Ensure that any CGI or Perl scripts have at least .755. permissions.
    If trying to run PHP and you get this error, you may have an invalid php.ini in your /cgi-bin, or may be missing your php.dat file in this folder. ”

    I’m having trouble with the way my slider is showing up on my page- it only shows when the window is maximized, and I’m wondering if it is because I don’t have the plug in installed, but installing the plug in kills my site.
    See other post I made re: header not showing up or take a look at my current site:


    Sanjip Shah

    @jolie As this issue has never occurred with other users. This might be a issue with the hosting as well. Please try to contact the hosting service provider and see if they can provide some help on this issue.



    i will be upload the Zip file in word press but i get a error. the error give me discription that: Saving file to disk failed

    we can help me?


    hi rick,
    Which theme are you using ?

    Thank you!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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