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Elementor needs "the_content" function


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    I just installed the PlugIn “Elementor” and I am trying to use it. Unfortunetly I get message that the “the_content” function is missing in my current template. Can you tell me how to insert it in the page template´s code so I can use the PlugIn?



    Hi eileen.abert,

    Could you clarify which current template are you using? Actually we are not getting what you mean. Do you mean to add it in business template? Business Template is our default template. You can obtain as shown in demo using business template.
    the_content() function code is used to display the content written written in editor. If you want to display your content from the editor then use default template instead of using business template.

    Thank you


    Hi Support Team,

    currently I am using the Ambition Pro Template. This is what the PlugIn tells me:

    “The Content Area Was Not Found in Your Page

    This article explains what to do if you get the message:

    “Sorry, the content area was not found in your page. You must call the_content function in the current template, in order for Elementor to work on this page.”

    What is the_content, and why does Elementor require it?

    The ‘the_content’ is a WordPress function that gets the content from the database and prints it on the screen. Because Elementor’s content replaces the content of the page, if this function is not called for, then Elementor cannot work. Read more on the_content function on

    The common reasons for the_content function not to be called

    There are 3 common occurrences that may be the cause why the_content will not be called:
    1.Sometimes the theme has a front page template that is already pre-built and does not include content from the page. This is most common on free WordPress themes.
    2.Custom made page templates that do not include the_content.
    3.WooCommerce product pages that do not include the_content.

    Manual solution

    Add the_content function into the page template’s code.

    This is the line you need to add: <?php the_content(); ?>

    If you are not familiar with where to place this code or how to add it to the page, please contact your website developer so it can be implemented properly as we cannot provide full support for that.”

    So far I dont see how the Business Template is connected to this Problem. It doesnt Change a Thing when I Switch between templates. The demo Version is not working or explaning anything to me. So far I dont like the template.



    We have called the_content(); in our default template. If you are using business template then we are using our own widgets. If you want to add the_content(); in business template then go to theme folder -> inc -> structure -> content-extension.php on line no 965 and the_content(); function code just before dynamic_sidebar( 'ambition_business_page_sidebar' ); function code.

    Thank you!


    After doing that the entire site doenst work anymore and I get this note:

    “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<‘, expecting elseif (T_ELSEIF) or else (T_ELSE) or endif (T_ENDIF) in /homepages/18/d681122702/htdocs/testseite/wp-content/themes/ambition-pro/inc/structure/content-extensions.php on line 973”


    Now I cant reach the site anymore. I always get this note. What the hell is going on?


    hi eileen.abert,

    You added the_content(); functions incorrectly. ok what you do is go again theme folder -> inc -> structure -> content-extension.php on line no 965 remove their functions from line no 965-978 and add below code.

    add_action( 'ambition_business_template_content', 'ambition_business_template_widgetized_content');
     * Displays the widget as contents
    function ambition_business_template_widgetized_content() { ?>
    			<div id="main">
    			<?php // Calling the footer sidebar
    				if( is_active_sidebar( 'ambition_business_page_sidebar' ) ) :
    				dynamic_sidebar( 'ambition_business_page_sidebar' ); 
    				endif; ?>
    			</div><!-- #main -->

    Thank you!



    thank you very much for the help. Now the site works again.



    That’s great eileen.abert,

    Thank you


    Hi Support Team
    i am using Acesspress Store theme and i just installed plugins Elementor but I get message that you must call “the conten” function in the current template in order for Elementor to work on this page
    please help me. what must i do in this case?


    Hi hoanganhdne,

    Sorry we haven’t developed any Accesspress store theme. Please contact to the main author of Accesspress store theme.

    Thank you!



    I’m having the same “the_content” issue with my theme which is OceanWP. I’m unsure of where to place the code and could use some assistance. It’s also a child theme, not sure if that creates any issues.

    Thank you


    Hi verrecchiaa,

    Sorry we haven’t developed any OceanWP theme. Please ask support to the main author.

    Thank you!


    Hi. I currently have the Hestia Theme but when I am about to edit using Elementor Page Builder I received this error message:

    “You must call the_content function in the current template in order for Elementor to work on this page”.

    Please help. Thanks


    Hi anne.villaf,

    Sorry we have not developed this Hestia theme. You have to contact to the main author.

    Thank you!

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