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    This may be more of a WP/Woo question, but setting the right column sidebar as you’ve described overrides all other pages. I can set that style individually for each page under that pages options, but it appears that WooCommerce pages go exclusively by what is set in the Appearance > Customize > Magcast Theme Options > Layout Options. Can you confirm this is as intended?

    In other words, I can’t set the default to something else and change only the WooCommerce page in that pages settings.


    So I realized that having the primary navigation on the top right of the status bar doesn’t allow for sub pages to appear when hovering over those nav items so I’ve re-enabled the primary navigation menu since it includes this feature (and disabled it from top right). I’ve hid the site-logo per below and and it helped. I originally hid the hgroup-wrap but discovered that this effectively hides the menu when viewing it on mobile or reactive sizing.

    Is there a way to reduce or hide that space and still have the mobile/reactive menu function properly?

    #site-logo {
    display: none;

    Also, I was playing around with a WooCommerce store pages and couldn’t get a right column to show up. I assume I’d have to buy the pro version for this to work?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)