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WP Bakery / Visual Composer broken on Attitude Pro


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    Attitude Pro does not want to render listings created with WP-Bakery.
    Normally they should appear here :

    Wordpress 5.5.3, Attitude Pro 3.0.7, Wp-Bakery 6.4.1.

    Thank you so much !


    Hi there,

    Is it working before? Did you take support from WP-Bakery?
    Can you please check deactivating plugin one by one and check.

    Thank you!



    yes it used to work before.
    This is due to your template, because 1) Deactivating other plugins change nothing, and 2) I tried with other templates and it works fine with them. Which is why it makes sense to get support from you and not from WP Bakery.

    So how can we fix this bug please ?


    Hi @yoann-hervouet,

    If it’s worked before then how comes it stop working? Can you remember the last action that you did into your site?
    Also seems like WP Bakery is a premium plugins and it’s hard to investigate for us to resolve those problem, So could you please share us your login credential to your site here.

    Note: Do not share any login credential here in this forum as this forum is public and visible to all.

    Thank you!


    It stopped working because of the update, that’s the only action I took.
    Ok I’m sending you a message.Thanks


    Hi Yoann,

    What you have updated, WordPress, theme or plugins?

    Thank you!


    All of them at the same time 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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