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Ultimate Pro version — TH: Testimonial

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    Hi Theme Horse,

    We have the Ultimate Pro Version of the Theme and when we go to:
    Customize => Widgets => Business Page Section => TH: Testimonial we want to change the order of the items that you see on the website.

    Now you got the Image -> Description -> Name -> Designation -> Company name -> Company Link
    In the Description you can say <h1> or <B> because he removes the code and we want a Header above the Description.

    How can we change the “Name” and “Disignation” to get it below the Image and above the Description?

    I know that for this we/you need to change the code, where can we do this?


    I have found it 🙂

    In the folder “wp-content\themes\ultimate-pro\inc\widgets” there you got the “ultimate_widgets.php” file.

    From there I moved and changed some code.

    <?php if(!empty($name_array[$i])){ echo $name_array[$i]; } ?> –
    <?php if(!empty($designation_array[$i])){ echo $designation_array[$i]; }?>


    That’s great patrick2

    Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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