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Slider not saving

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    I’ve purchased Attitude pro this week but having problems with the homepage slider images. I’m adding the page IDs and it shows correctly within customiser. I select save & publish but when I exit customiser the changes aren’t saved and slider doesn’t appear.

    I’ve not customised any code and have tried deactivating the few plugins I have active with no joy. I seem to be getting similar issues as these users:

    I’m all out of ideas, hoping you may be able to help!

    Thanks in advance, Ben.


    Hi Ben,

    Could you also please provide us the temporary username and password to your site via Email. So, that we can see the exact issue.
    Please do not share any username and password here in this forum because this forum is public and visible to all customers.

    Thank you!


    I have the same problem and i have already sent you my username and password by email!

    I need help!

    Thank You!


    Thank you for sharing your username and password via email.
    Our email support team will reply you in the same email.


    I’m having the same problem and also have floating dots that should correlate with a slider image (I think), but there is no image….who do I email?


    @fannygalore1 (Sarah) Please follow this reply #39074

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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