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Site identity – Site Title and Tagline after the logo


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    Also when I look on my phone the logo looks low resolution. How do I fix this?


    Hi @sanderedk,

    Creating a logo along with the text in it doest affect the SEO on our theme. But make sure u don’t remove the Site Title and Tagline from the ‘Site Identity‘ Section. You just need to uncheck the option ‘Display Site Title and Tagline’ rather than removing the Site Title and Tagline from the input field.

    Can you please provide us your Site Url so that we could try giving you the appropriate solutions.


    Participant is my website.

    As far only the issue is the low res logo. While I did put in the appropriate size. Tried a 300PPI logo as well but as JPEG, but no luck.


    Hi @sanderedk,

    Due to the higher resolution in smaller devices like mobile and tables, the quality of regular image we upload gets low. To render the better quality of images you need to upload the images with dimension 2 times to 3 times bigger than a regular. For example your current logo width is ‘260px’ and height is ‘100px’ so you need to upload an image with width ‘780px’ and height ‘300px’.

    after uploading the image please paste the below custom css code in Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS to set the image width to 260px on preview.

    .navbar-brand {
    max-width: 260px;


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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