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Several responsiveness bugs with Newscard Pro need to be fixed

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    I’ve emailed about these problems for weeks after purchasing NewsCard Pro and nothing has been fixed and I get no response.

    1. The responsiveness of the newscard pro thing is still not working on mobile phones. There is a scroll bar on the bottom and the size of the viewport is bigger than the screen.

    2. Youtube embeds are also not responsive. Using simple [youtube] embeds cause the video to go off screen.

    3. On the main page it shows “Time/Author”. I’ve remmoved Author through additional css but I need to know how to remove the “/” after the time.

    4. How can we show the time in Users local time and not WordPress server time?


    Hi there,

    1. We have checked your site on mobile Chrome and there is no any scroll bar on the bottom left and right. Also when I clicked a link to another page all the text turned normal as well. Please update your chrome browser and all of the caches (server cache, browser cache, site’s cache) and also check from different mobile devices as well.
    2. Seems like you have directly used an iframe tag. To embed the youtube video just use the Embed block then add the youtube link on it and your video will be responsive according to the device you viewed.
    3. To remove / just add below CSS code as well.
      .entry-meta > div::after {
          content: normal;
    4. To show the users local time you can use this plugin.

    Thank you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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