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Questions about changing font color and size

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    Greetings and thanks in advance for your attention.

    I would be very grateful for the understanding, for the answers to these questions…

    1.- Menu of the upper bar, I changed the background color, but I have not been able to change the size of the letters and put the color pure white (the height as 2/3 of the main menu)

    2.- When I change the background color to the identity of the site, it changes in the entire background of the page, it is possible to change only the name of the site and the advertising area (equal gradient).

    3.- When a category is selected, it appears in the photograph, how is it deleted?

    4.- Finally, in the pagination and the button to return to the top of the page it is possible to change the color.

    These changes and others that I already have can be individually. Does it affect site performance?

    Greetings and thanks again for understanding.

    [email protected]


    Hi juliocasasginestre,

    You can upgrade to Pro Version to enable all the premium features including the color options.

    but now for your solution please go to ‘Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS’ and paste the below custom code.

    .info-bar .social-profiles ul li a,
    .info-bar .infobar-links ul li a {
        color: #ffffff;
    .info-bar {
        padding-top: 5px;
        padding-bottom: 5px;
    .site-title a {
        color: #ffffff !important;
    .navbar-head.header-overlay-dark .container:before {
        background-image: linear-gradient(to right,rgba(0,0,0,.8),rgba(0,0,0,.8));
    .navigation.pagination .current,
    .navigation.pagination a:hover,
    .back-to-top a {
        background-color: #c80000;

    Could you please explain to us a bit more about the category showing photographs when selecting?
    and only updating CSS won’t affect the site performance.



    Thank you very much, everything has worked excellently. What I wanted to suppress is when the categories are consulted, that those categories appear in the photographs inside.

    Saludos y muchas gracias…


    ok, please go to ‘Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS’ and paste the below Custom CSS code.

    body.archive .post .category-meta,
    body.archive .hentry .category-meta {
      display: none;



    Very grateful for the attention…
    Very thankful


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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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