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newscard theme broken

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    Hi when i use TH:horizonal/vertical posts in the front page content section the newscard theme dont work well at all , the posts extends below the footer
    the same as TH:card/block posts the card posts don’t work as well, all that hapenned after the last update 1.2.7 , i’m sure i did not do anything wrong because i’m familiar with the theme , please update it because i love this theme so much .


    i think it is a bug


    Hi there,

    Sorry! Theme is working fine with those widgets. You can see the preview here.
    Can you please try deactivating the plugins one by one, there may be plugins conflict.

    Thank you!


    sorry! i disabled all the plugins but nothing changed , it can be because i’m trying the version on localhost because i do that everytime before updating ? by the way i’m using the last version of xampp and wordpress , i dont want to try it live and risk my website . please fix it soon



    Our Developers review team have checked the Theme again and there is no such issue on Widgets. Even you can check on our Demo Site here.
    Could you please share us some screenshots of show issue that you are facing.

    We will investigate with some more possibilities on issue.



    Hi: Urgent

    The cards i created in the front page content section are not showing on the front page.

    Pls advice


    Hi @mubinaq

    Did you set the “front page template” to one of the page and set that page to your home page as shown in the beginning of the video tutorial?

    Thank you!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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