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Issue with Embeds on Front Page latest Posts and Front Page Title issue

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    I have 2 requests I need help with that I’m hoping someone from NewsCard Pro can assist.

    1) Anytime I add an embed, Spotify, Vimeo video embed, etc into a post and then use that post to be displayed as the latest post on my “home page” (front page) with the module/block “Latest Posts” being used, the embeds never are displayed once you go to the actual page, it just displays a link; if I go directly to the post, the embeds work and display properly.

    2) Because I’m using a separate page to be displayed on the homepage underneath the header and not the “latest blog” and because I don’t want the title of the page to display on my homepage (I find it too intrusive and doesn’t fit with the flow), I’m forced to leave my page untitled or “no title”. The only issue with this is that the title of my webpage is ” –” because the page title (the <title> tag, the loaded tab in your browser, etc) of the page loaded is blank, is there any way to override this and customize it instead?

    Screenshot to help with #2:

    Thank you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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