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Featured Image of YouTube clips

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    I am wanting to embed a YouTube video as a post. I would set the post format as a link and then include the YT link URL in the body.

    If I don’t include a featured image it would should a grey box instead of a preview on the home page then. If I included an image it wouldn’t be a link to the video, just to article.

    How can I get it so that the featured image would be a link to the YouTube video? Is that possible? What do you recommend that I should do in this scenario?


    Hi Richard,

    This feature will be available in the premium version.
    As of your request we may add this feature in the free version too.

    Thank you for your suggestion and feedback.


    Some of the versions that feature are already available ???


    @seiyukaras what do you meant by some of the version have that feature?


    If the free version has it


    Sorry! What you are trying to say?

    Darshan Mangukiya

    Hi Theme horse team,

    I think Richard is saying that some of the theme version in this feature is already working.
    Can you clarify which version in this feature is working?


    Sorry the images set as featured image will only be shown on Home page (Front Page Template). To show youtube embedded video as the featured then the Theme Code really need to be customized.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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