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contact bar icons not showing in MSIExplorer 11 on Win8.1

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    AND, I’m disabling the bottom bar with the contact info as it’s center aligned, one line after another double spaced instead of all in one line (!!)


    Hi Shelley,

    Sorry for late reply. We are researching about it and we have viewed your website in Win 8.1 with MSIE 11 and there is no any issue we found in icons and header logo bottom aligned.
    View your website screenshot.

    Thank you!


    Good Morning (at least in this part of the world!) Thank you so much for your reply and no worries 🙂 In the screen shot you sent me you may notice that there is no bottom padding – there should be a 10 px pad of the background image showing under the slider. I will take a few screenshots today to include. The padding is not a huge issue and I get that the site will not present the same on every platform/browser. The biggest issue for me was the extra white space above the logo and for that I will need to send you pix. I’m viewing on 5 different platforms re the responsive design – which, btw, I think works very well. Laptop with 17″ screen; laptop with 15″ screen and 19″ monitor plus iPad and Samsung Android phone. Loving the way the design responds across the mediums. Viewing using MSIE, Chrome & Firefox.

    ok, back to work – thanks again, will follow up with screenshots so hopefully I can better convey the issue with the extra white space above the logo.

    cheers, Shelley


    Hi Shelley,

    To add some spaces below the revolution slider please Go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Design Options Tab -> Custom CSS paste the following CSS code and Click on save all changes button but remove it if you have not used revolution slider.

    .business-layout .header-main {
        padding-bottom: 30px;

    Thank you!


    Very weird – I submitted a post and it isn’t showing up. ok, so here we go again. I have screen shots with captions and comments regarding primarily the issues with Win 8.1 and MSIE 11; specifically logo in header not centered (top to bottom) so large white space shows up above logo and missing icons (top contact bar) both the images for the contact info and also the social media icons in the header are missing in this regard.

    The screenshots note the missing padding on the image under the slider – this was fixed by the Custom CSS provided – thank you. So, just ignore those comments (or make note if you wish re any further queries as to which OS/Browser appears to be the issue) I took the screenshots before the css was provided and entered.

    Crap, of course I can’t remember all what I wrote in my previous post (that didn’t show up) but I’ll leave it at that. Hoping you can help me figure out reasonable solutions. I meant to provide a screenshot on the iPad as well but basically it’s displaying well 🙂

    Display on my android – great!

    thanks so much! Shelley

    here are the screenshots:


    Hi Shelley,

    We have already mentioned you that there is no any large white space shows up in the logo and icons are also working fine. We have view your website screenshot in Win 8.1 and MSIE 11 and its all fine. You can see your site screenshot here:
    Also deactivate all the plugins one by one and check whether the same issues arise or not. You can visit our demo site in your same browser too whether it works fine or not.

    Thank you!


    I can see from your screenshot that it is presenting properly. As you can see from my screenshot – it is not. I know you already mentioned that there is ‘no’ large white space but in fact, as you can see from my screenshot….. there is. And there are missing icons in both the contact bar and the social media icons are missing in the header.

    So, it is not all fine. All plugins were deactivated to test out the issue prior to sending you screenshots. All plugins have in fact been deactivated twice in order to test this. Awesome Screenshot is NOT available for the version of browser I am using therefore you are not running the same platform. So, let’s come to an understanding – you are presently unable to duplicate the problem but that does not mean that there is not a problem to solve.

    The screenshots I am sending you are straight-forward CTRL-Printscreen to Photoshop to resize and save. The logo is not presented centered in the header; the icons are missing. Toshiba Satellite S50-B laptop (3 months old) with 15″ screen hooked to 19″ monitor running Win 8.1 and as mentioned viewing website using MSIE 11 (Ver. 11.096). If I run Chrome on same platform, the website presents correctly.

    I would like to work together with you to solve this issue. I see the client tomorrow and if he’s running the same as I – then I either find a solution or I remove the theme and we go with another one.

    Above screenshot as mentioned – logo is not centered in header; icons are missing in contact bar; social media icons and links are missing in header.

    Let’s try again, shall we? 🙂



    Hi Shelley,

    Did you check our theme demo site in your same environment ? Also try visit your site in different PC. Please send the screenshot of our demo site too.

    Thank you!


    I’m working on two different PC’s – as mentioned above a couple of times.
    demo site screen shots are here
    screen capture 1 – logo is not centered resulting in larger white space above header logo; no icons in contact bar, no social media links or icons in header.
    screen capture 2 – bottom of theme: contact info on 4 separate lines double or triple spaced – not in one horizontal line as displayed in other browsers.

    These items have been mentioned since day one with respect to display in Win 8.1 on MSIE 11. I don’t know what else to tell or show you because I’ve continually done that already. If I can see these on my laptop with the OS & browser that I have that came installed on this equipment – then other people can. Which is my point – I see the client in two hours and will see how it displays on their equipment.

    thanks, Shelley


    Look guys, I can’t spent too much time on this – as far as I can tell, it’s displaying pretty good across most mediums. I have to move onto other things because taking screenshots, uploading and then posting takes up more time than I have to spend right now. If you can figure it out, great. I’ll take a look at possible CSS solutions later. I figure it’s something to do with a number of factors not just any one thing. At least at my client’s office the site was displaying fine so I’m going to go with that for the time being. If I can figure it out I’ll post as well. If anyone else runs into issues, then hopefully they’ll post. I appreciate your efforts – I’ll check back in again in a bit. I have to get this finished, do a child theme and then finish any upgrades. Thanks!

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