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Widgets in columns on home page

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    I’m looking to create a modular home page similar to the business layout, but using our own widgets instead. We want to have two or three even columns on the home page using an upcoming events widget and custom HTML widgets. I tried setting this up using the business page layout, but it appears that it only supports a single column. Will I need to create a child theme in order to get this to display properly?


    Hi LMKWeb,

    It needs code customization. You have to hire a developer for this. If you are good at coding then Just use tag <div class="one-third"> for third column and <div class="one-fourth"> for fourth column and <div class="one-half"> for two column. You need not have to add the CSS for this our theme supports all those columns.

    Thank you!


    Thanks, I added this to the business-layout.php but it just puts the data into a single column in 1/4 of the page. I also attempted adding the tag to each of the widgets, but the layout still didn’t work. Will I have to add custom CSS in order to get this to work properly? How did you manage to get the four columns in the demo layout?


    If the theme supports the columns, then how do I get them to display? I’m sorry your instructions are not clear to me. You gave me the div tags, but I don’t understand where I’m supposed to put them in order to get the widgets in columns. Thank you!


    OK you can put it from library-> widgets -> attitude_widgets.php
    For which widgets you want to change ? There is all the information about the widgets which is displayed in the admin section. There you may change it.
    Thank you

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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