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    Whenever I add something knew to my site, all of my widget will just disappear. How do I stop this from happening?


    hi @taylor,

    We don’t think it happens but anyways could you let us know what kind of new things that you added to your site so that the widgets gets disappeared?



    At first, it happened every time I added a new page to my site. Shortly after I wrote the first question on here, it stopped happening. Now it’s happening again, and I haven’t added anything new. I have had to go back more than once in the past several days to re add all of my widgets. Each time I made sure that after I re added all of them and they were saved, that they were on my actually site. They were, but then after I get off of my laptop and come back to my site. They are all gone. This shouldn’t happen, especially since I paid for the premium theme. How do I stop all my widgets from just deleting?


    Hi @taylor,

    Some other plugins that you have installed in the theme might have affected the widgets. Can you please check by deactivating the plugins one by one.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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