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widget section not working


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    widget section is not working whenever i tried to add widget it does not appear on the home section and there is written on the widget section “Your theme has 2 other widget areas, but this particular page doesn’t display them.

    You can navigate to other pages on your site while using the Customizer to view and edit the widgets displayed on those pages”. kindly help i am trying from two days.


    Hi arehman407292,

    Widgets can be set from 2 ways. (1)-> from the ‘Appearance > Widgets’ then you can set widgets by drag and drop and respective widget area. (2)-> from the ‘Appearance > Customize > Widgets’ by viewing Live Preview on respective page with refresh mode.

    For the Live Preview on customizer page you have to view the same respective page and add the widget on the respective widget area so that the the refresh mode will shown the changes that you have done on widget areas. Like if you want to add widgets on Front Page Template’ then you have go to the ‘Front Page Template’ view on screen and then you can add widgets on front Page template widget area. then changes will be seen on refresh mode on view screen.



    my menu bar is coming in diffrent color when i switch to mobile from desktop ,jindly send me css to fix that.


    Please go to ‘Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS’ and paste the below Custom CSS code.

    .navigation-bar-top {
    	background-color: transparent;


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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