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View only homepage slider on front page

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    I am using a static front page called ‘Home’. At present this ‘Home’ page gets displayed below the homepage slider. I wish to see only the homepage slider when I click on ‘Home’ and nothing below it. Is that possible?


    Hi ktp.kti,

    Could you provide your site address? So that we can provide you exact custom css to hide below the slider.

    Thank you


    I think I have the same problem. How to eliminate the page mentioning “no posts found”. The real home page I made is the one next.
    my website is:

    thank you for your answer


    Hi andrehirschfeld,

    Your website link is not working. Might be there is no any post so you are getting that issue. So if you donot have any post then dont use latest post. Use static page.
    To set static page goto dashboard -> appearance -> setting -> (select static page) instead of selecting your latest post.

    Thank you

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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