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Version 3.0.3 Problems

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    I manage a church website

    I’ve just updated to 3.0.3 and have similar problems to bruce3.
    – the sidebar has dropped to the bottom of each main page, irrespective of the amount of information (text, photos etc) that is on the page,
    – a ‘responsive menu’ button has appeared. This button is not active and the menu headers are still in place.
    – logging onto the site takes me to a page with all published posts, not the home page
    This has only happened since I update to v3.0.3. Main pages from the menu bar vary in length, but most are long!

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the skills to go back to the previous version whilst these problems are sorted out.
    Any advice will be gratefully received. Thanks.


    Hi andrewjparris,

    Did you made any code changes in themes? We have have changed some layout and nav menu design. If you have not made any changes in the code then the sidebar shouldnot dropped. There might be some cache. Just we have visited to your site and you are still back to old version. So could you please update to new version and let us know. We will look what’s the issue is on your site from our end.

    Thank you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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