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using WPML

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    I started to use WPML to make sure my site would run multilingual, but I have several problems:

    1) The Business Page (with its Theme Horse Services) is only visible in one language, I can’t find a way to show it for all languages.

    2) Is there a posibility to traduce the slider in several languages?

    3) The contact form only appears in english

    Please tell me how to proceed.

    Thanks a lot!

    Sanjip Shah

    Hi Juan,

    This theme is translation ready meaning that you can create language files for another language. Say, you can create spanish language file and load it to show the website in spanish language.

    Where as WPML plugin compatibility feature is a different thing which allows your site to be in different languages at the same time so that visitors can click on the flags and switch the language to view the site in the choice of their language. We are sorry but this feature/compatibility is not available in the theme. Using this plugin, you may be able to translate most of the part of your site but yet it will not be 100% compatible. For the 100% compatibility you may need to hire a developer on this one. Thanks.


    Hi Sanjip,

    we traduced all sites, even the revolution slider etc. and all seemed fine. The only big problem is that the language switcher only works at the Homepage, all other sites link to blind pages.

    I contacted WPML support but until now they couldn’t help me at all. Maybe you have an idea why it works at homepage (doesn´t matter which page attributes it has, it always works!) and in none of the other pages.

    Thanks a lot.


    hi juan
    Hi This feature is not available in our theme. So for this you need to hire a developer. We don’t know much more about it so any one could help will be grateful.
    Thank you

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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