Upgrade to Pro leaves setting unchanged?

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    Thank you for a wonderful job on the Attitude theme. It is exactly what I was looking for, although I would have liked more flexibility as to where I want my site logo to be. I am hoping that the Pro version will let me add a picture to the left of where the name of the website is now (on the left side), but if not, I may yet figure out how to change the template.

    But that is not why I started this topic. I am ready to upgrade to pro, because I would like to use the additional options. I have two questions, before I dive in:

    – is the $55 (currently $44) a one time fee, or an annual fee?
    – I am currently using the free version and I have made a few changes. Will the upgrade affect these changes?

    Thanks in advance,

    Robert Verkerk


    Hi Robert,

    Login to your site dashboard(admin section) Appearance > Customize > Design Options > Custom Header there you can add the logo where it will display in left by default.

    – $55(currently $44) is a only for a one time fee.
    Actually after the purchase of our single theme you will get free update and support for one year from our support forum.
    After one year if you want to continue with the update and support for the single theme that you have purchased than you will have to pay $15 for another year.
    But you can continue to use the theme for the lifetime without renewing the yearly subscription.

    – Free version content/data is fully compatible to the premium version. You need not have to set all the things again for the premium version. But it depends upon what few changes you have made in the free version.

    Thank you for using our theme.


    Brilliant. I tried that with the logo, and it works as you describe. I thought it placed the logo in the middle, pushing the menu bar down. I must have remembered wrong, I have been playing with several templates before I ended up with yours.

    I only changed board and theme settings in the admin panel. Added a header image that I didn’t crop so it shows perfect. I think these kind of changes should be rather safe, because they depend on existing coding, that won’t be replaced by Pro additions.

    I did add code to the Functions.php to remove the WordPress links and logo from the Dashboard bar. But if that disappears, I can easily replace it.

    I’m diving in. I believe in supporting each other.

    If you’re curious about what you have contributed to and what I have done with it, my website is ClassicFlyTying.net

    Thanks again!

    Robert Verkerk


    Hi Robert,

    Are you trying to have the same header image while changing the theme? If yes then WordPress wont set the same header image while changing the theme you have to set it again.

    Thank you!

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