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Update of Interface Pro and migration of settings


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    I currently run a site with Interface Pro 1.0.1, but see I have the option (through subscription) to update to 1.0.6 as of now.

    1) From other posts here, it seems the only update procedure is;
    * select another theme temporarily
    * delete Interface Pro (1.0.1)
    * reinstall the new Interface Pro (1.0.6)
    * reactivate Interface Pro

    -> Is this correct? It seems like a lot of (potential) trouble, and the site will be in a state of a bad theme for the time of upgrading.

    2) If I do the upgrade according to the steps above; what happens to all the appearance configurations? Like theme config (colors, header/footer, background etc), widgets, and not to forget; all the theme options (there is a ton of settings for layout, design, custom css, advanced options, slider, contact info etc).

    -> Will all these settings be kept when I upgrade, or do I need to manually “backup and restore” them?


    Hi Radka,

    Yes that’s correct. If you have not changed anything inside the code file then no worry all settings will be as normal while you upgrade to you new version. But if you have changed inside the core file without creating child theme then all your customization code will be lost. So first make sure that you havenot changed any thing inside the core file. IF nothing you have changed then no worry all your settings for layout, design, custom css, advanced options, slider, contact info etc will be back to normal.

    Thank you!


    yes thank


    You welcome maylocnuocvietseo

    Thank you!


    hi… i have a similar question, but am not as advanced. i have interface pro (v. 1.0.3), and just downloaded the new files (v. 3.0.2). i don’t know how my site is set up (how do i know if i have child themes?). i want to upgrade, but am scared… also, i don’t think i have custom codes. in Appearance: Design Options: Custom CSS, i have this: .wp-caption .wp-caption-text {border-bottom: none}

    but i’m scared to lose my widgets and information. can you please let me know if there’s a way to back the theme up and migrate it over, or what parts need to be copied & pasted when the new theme gets uploaded?
    thank you,
    (610) 390-2909


    Hi je,

    Please post your topic on interface pro forum. If you like modification on the theme then only child theme is required otherwise you don’t need child theme. You have to create a child theme by your self.

    If you have customized on the code then your customized code will be lost while updating but if there is no code customization and inside code in custom css then no worry about update. Nothing will be lost while updating to new version. Nothing will be lost and your widgets will also not loss while updating.

    Thank you

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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