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Ultimate 1.0.7 wordpress update lost site customization

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    I have two problems:

    #1. Upon installing the wordpress theme update Ultimate 1.0.7 all of the customization on my website is gone. You can visit my site at: Upon discovering the problem I worked with my website host to rollback my site using backups. Through a process of elimination I determined that the update to 1.0.7 is what caused the loss of the customization on my site. If you visit my site you can see all of the text and code.

    #2. Revolution Slider was installed as part of a bundle with the Ultimate Theme. It is also broken. When activate it results in a white screen on my website. It is currently not activated. i’m also not able to edit the slider images. I have an older version of this plugin. Because it was purchases as part of a bundle I’m not able to update the plugin. I’m not sure why. 🙁

    I’d like to fix the customization issue with the theme first. If not I can not resolve it, I’ll have to roll my site back and not install Ultimate updates. Once I’ve resolve the customization my next objective is to get the slider working again.

    Help! I’m not a techy. 🙁 I paid someone to design my site. I’m attempting to fix these issues on my own. I know enough to be dangerous.

    Thank you. Kathi


    Hi Kmkulesza,

    If you have customize the core file of the ultimate theme then your all customization code will be lost after you update the theme.
    Better make a child theme to customize the theme.

    Thank you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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