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    My question (answered) has vanished so I go again.
    There is something strange with the site I am building.
    I asked about changing link color because there’s no difference with regular text.
    I was suggested to set a {color:blue} or the color I like.
    I tried that but look at theses samples
    GOOD Here the link text “blog” is in blue but
    BAD Here, all the links under “Notes written for the students” are not in blue.
    That’s my problem.

    By the way I have some problems navigating your forums I would like to explain.
    1) Text is too light in some areas
    2) Your search box only appears in the list of forums but individual ones.
    3) There’s no post previews
    4) There are some inconsistencies in dates Attitude freshness, Forum freshness
    I suppose my first vanished post is related to that.
    I was answered, I received an email notification. When I follow the post link it doesn’t send me to the post page.

    Thank you,


    Hi Marciano,

    To have the color of the link in lists Go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Design Options Tab -> Custom CSS paste the following CSS code and Click on save all changes button:

    #content ul a,
    #content ol a {
        color: #05a9c5;

    Note: You can change the above HEX color code #05a9c5 to your own

    About the forum navigating problem we have noted and will try to change.

    Thank you!


    It worked!

    I have a child theme.

    Here’s the final add

    #content ul a,
    #content ol a {
        color: #05a9c5;
    #content ul a:hover,
    #content ol a:hover {
        color: #bbb;
    a:hover {color:#bbb}

    Thank you


    That’s great marciano

    Thank you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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