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The image doesnt show on FB when I share an article

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    Hi, when I post any article on FB the image doesn show. I have talk with FB and they say that is the imgObj. have put Image for social and is the same. It doesnt work.


    Hi ramirezdiazoscar,

    It should work by default but if it’s not showing the Featured image then you can use the SEO plugin where you can get lot of features related to SEO ranking. You can set Title, description and Featured Image for each specific post.
    We recommend you to use Yoast Plugin



    I am already using Yoast and it still doesnt work.


    Hi, did yoyu find the problem?


    Hi @ramirezdiazoscar

    Did you tried the Yoast SEO plugin’s Social Preview option as shown in this screenshot for your posts.

    Thank you!


    same problem i tries different seo and still not showing the image , try post drom another web site using different theme and it show the image correctly
    we need help man


    Hi @marwan-wehbe7,

    Did you set the image as described here #90643 ?

    Thank you!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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