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Social Links >RSS yields a XML page

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    Entering my blog feed URL which is,, into the Theme Options>Social Media>RSS field links to a page full of XML code when I click the RSS icon. All of the regular social media icons are working fine. What should the RSS icon do? Show the feed URL? I sort of expected it to pop up with a subscription form or something. I tested my feed with; it’s correct.


    Sanjip Shah

    I checked this with other sites as well and they are appearing same for other sites (XML code). So, I guess this has changed to way like this. I would be looking into it more and pass it to you if I get something on this.


    Okay, thank you.



    Please look at the RSS link button for , it links to their feed, showing a list of their blog articles, which is I guess what my RSS button should do. As I mentioned earlier, says my feed’s path is correct. The malfunction seems to be between the Theme Options>Social Media>RSS field and the WordPress feed generator. I read somewhere WP generates 3 feeds. The XML page that currently is returned has an error message saying there’s no style information associated with it.

    If you think a plugin could solve this problem for me temporarily, please suggest one.



    Hi Patricia,

    After doing some research we found that this is how the chrome shows the feed. If you see the feed in firefox then it appears good.
    It doesn’t matter as no one needs to be viewing it in their browser. Feeds are meant for readers and such, not viewing in a browser.

    Here are few links for more detail

    Hope this helps


    Hi Sanjip,

    Thanks for looking into it further–I’ll check out those links.



    You welcome

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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