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Social Icons not working

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    At the bottom of my page, I used the contact Info bar, but instead of icons it shows boxes.
    How can I solve this?

    Also, in your preview page, instead of a background color on the contact info bar you are using an image. How do I do that?

    Image here:


    Hi Info 127,

    Login to our admin site and Go to Appearance > Theme Options > Contact/ Social Links > Contact Info Bar. There you can see the Background Image URL option with upload button where you can add the link as well as upload the image to have the background.
    For icons issue could you please provide us the exact link where you have that issue.

    Thank you!


    I’ve sent you the image because my website is not working yet.
    I’m using Ultimate Coming Soon plugin, so my website is but you won’t be able to see it =/

    I’ve provided more print screans:


    Hi info127,

    Deactivate all the plugins one by one.
    It may be the plugin conflict.

    Thank you!


    I have deactivate all the pluggins and it still doesn’t work


    Sorry! It’s working fine here. Please check our demo site in the same browser and let us know there is that same issue OR not?

    Thank you!


    Demo site is working fine.
    I’ve deactivated all plugins, I’ve uninstall others themes that I’ve installed before. Still not working.
    Is there something I can add to de CSS file?

    Can you tell me wich file controls the icons, so I can try to fix it myself?


    Hi Info127,

    If our demo site is working fine in the same environment then there is some issue by your side.
    Did you customize any code?
    Did you try installing the fresh copy of the theme?
    If it does not fix your issue then please make you site live and share the site URL? Without viewing your site we can not say what is the main issue.

    Thank you!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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