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Site Hacked?

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    My install of Attitude Pro is having issues.
    I rec’d the following from my webhost:


    Thank you for your patience.

    I have checked and found this page or issue is coming from your theme . If you will check your theme then you can see the code is there under the files mentioned below.

    wp-includes/ID3/module.tag.id3v2.php: TND Tunisia


    I will strongly recommend you to contact with your theme provider about the same to make sure theme is secure and replace the index.php page or your theme



    Hi bigthumbs,

    It may be you are using old version of Attitude Pro theme as well as WordPress.

    The above mentioned first file path is from our theme and next one belongs to the WordPress core so, we recommended you to install the fresh copy of WordPress as well as Attitude Pro theme.
    You can download the Attitude Pro theme latest version from your account page.

    Thank you!



    Thanks, I have subscribed and have downloaded the latest version.
    Now is there a best practice to uploading a theme currently in use?


    Hi Bigthumbs,

    Just activate any other theme first and delete the old version of the Attitude Pro theme and upload a new version of Attitude Pro that you have downloaded and activate it. We are working on automatic update process and will be implemented into all the premium themes soon.

    Your customize code will be removed if you have customize the main theme code. So, do not forget to backup old version if you have customize the main theme code.

    Thank you!



    I just tried to download the ambition pro theme to my wp dashboard and each time it crashed, will not upload. HELP!!


    Hi Emily,
    First of all delete previous version that is installed on your dashboard and install a new zip file. Also if it is crashed then you can upload via ftp under public_html-> wp-content-> themes-> and upload zip folder.

    THank you



    I got the same issue here as well.



    Did anyone get the solution for this ?


    @alexbrian979 @crisstyris

    Can you please clarify what is your issue?

    Thank you!



    Keep on updating your theme, plugin and core WordPress on regular basics… Plugin that are deactivated and not updated for long tend to create such issue… Experienced Same issue for my website too…


    Yes updating all the themes, plugins and WP will reduce hacking issue.
    Thanks Soulblu.seo for sharing.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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