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sidebar problem and mobile problem


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    Good morning,

    thanks for ur theme. It is pretty good topic, But I get some problems. The first one, I installed a Script in my webside ,only the page’s sidebar go under the article, I want to remove the sidebar back to the same position. And the second one, can I set the different option for PC and mobile? For example, I only want to show my last article on mobile ,but I need to show different category on PC, because mobile size is smaller than. Sorry for my poor English, please help for these problems, thanks a lots.
    Have a nice day, josh.


    hi @t24334612,

    Can you please provide us your Website url so that we can figure out the issue regarding the sidebar.
    The script you added on your site might have affected the sidebar height so it goes under the article. We have coded the sidebar to be sticky so in initial it traces the height of sidebar but here the script you added might have rendered its element’s height later which affects the sidebar height.
    And sorry you can’t set the different option for PC and mobile. You want to show last article on mobile. Do you mean the latest article rather than the post by category or the only single last post of the sections or widgets. Please clarify it in more better way.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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