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Sidebar on my blog disappeared


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    Today I posted a new post on my blog page:
    and suddenly I figured the right sidebar is missing. I checked the page configuration and widgets and everything looks the same as before.
    Please assist how I can get the right sidebar back.


    Hi info66,

    I just visited to your site that you have selected no sidebar instead of using right side bar. First Go to Dashboard-> Appearance-> Theme Options-> Layout Options-> Content Layout and check whether the right sidebar is selected or not.
    View this below screenshot:

    If you have selected the right sidebar then also the same problem is occurred then Go to Dashboard-> Pages-> newsletter and edit it. At the below of there page there is also an options to display the sidebar according to your needs.
    view this below screenshot:

    Thank you!


    Thank you!
    It actually worked. But it used to be completely opposite. My default layout was “No Sidebar” and my “News” page layout was “Right sidebar”. So I followed your steps and needed to change all the layouts for other pages that do not have a sidebar to “no sidebar”. 🙂

    The other thing that has changed is the green-blue “Read More” button on bottom right side of each post on my News page. It was not there before and I do not know how to get rid of it. Please assist.


    Hi info66,

    If you really don’t want read more button and wanna display full content then Go to dashboard-> settings-> reading -> select static page and leave post page to default as shown in below screenshot.

    After doing it Go to dashboard-> pages-> news and click on edit. At the right side there is template and click on drop down and select the Blog full content display to display the full content as shown in below screenshot.

    Thank you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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