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SETUP Issues

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    Abdurraheem Olaiya

    First, I would like to know how I can replace the header Ad with an Adsense code for the new theme I bought few hours ago (Mags Pro).

    Secondly, I am unable to implement the exact demo outlook on the Homepage Slider, kindly provide me with support on this. It displays the sliding articled but does not display the the small icons just below.

    I look forward to your prompt assistance on this.



    Hi @abdurraheem-olaiya,

    We are so sorry for the late response due to some unavoidable circumstances. and Sorry you can use the Adsense code on other areas like main content area, sidebar area and footer area but you cannot use it on Header ad section. There you can only upload the ad images with URL links. If you want to use Adsense code on header ad section area as well then you need to hire a developer to customize the code for you by making the child theme.

    And to want to set up the Homepage Slider like demo then you can set it from ‘Appearance > Customize > Banner’ There you can play with the settings where you can find lots of options for slider Variations.


    how to setup info. im new member

    RV Talk

    Having the same question!


    Hi @champagnereef-com and @rvtalk-net

    Please clarify your problems?

    Thank you!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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