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screen resolution

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    I am using the Pro version of this theme. For some reason when my site is viewed in 1024 X 768 the left/right sidebar is pushed to the bottom of the page. Even when I have it set on the “business template” (as my front page is set) there is only 2 columns where there should be 3. I do have the front page and the site layout set to “wide” and the default page layout set to “no sidebar, full width”. When I set my monitor to a higher resolution then everything works great!. I have gone to other sites that use this theme and the same thing happens there, even the demo site on here has the sidebars going underneath the main content.


    hi this is responsive design so in small design the right sidebar pushed to the bottom and we have designed our theme this way. this is not the exactly the problem.
    you may hire a developer to fix it.
    Thank you


    I am a developer, just can’t figure out your coding. If this is a responsive theme then it should be adaptable to ALL screen sizes including 1024 x 768.


    hi got to the functions.php file
    there is

    	// Add suniltheme custom image sizes
    	add_image_size( 'featured', 670, 300, true );
    	add_image_size( 'featured-medium', 230, 230, true );
    	add_image_size( 'slider-narrow', 1038, 460, true ); 		// used on Featured Slider on Homepage Header for narrow layout
    	add_image_size( 'slider-wide', 1400, 460, true ); 			// used on Featured Slider on Homepage Header for wide layout
    	add_image_size( 'gallery', 474, 342, true ); 				// used to show gallery all images
    	add_image_size( 'icon', 80, 80, true );						//used for icon on business layout

    for which image size you want. You can change the image size.
    Before doing this first unhook the function in child theme and hook the function and change the code.
    Hope this may help you
    Thank you


    thanks for the response but the image size is not the problem


    What is your actual Problem ? I could not figure out what you exactly mean ?
    Thank you


    Please look at this site in 1024×768 screen resolution then in a higher resolution, the columns are 2 wide in 1024 and 3 wide in higher resolutions, also the footer is lined up right in higher resolutions where they are under each other in 1024, I need the 1024 to look the same as the higher resolutions.



    Hi LABRAT,
    Add this code

    	.wrapper {
    		width: 1008px;
    @media only screen and (max-width: 1023px) {

    @media only screen and (max-width: 1078px) {
    in style.css

    Make sure that before updating the theme your edited file will be replaced with new update version. After update you need to edit all the file accordingly as before to have a same effect on the site.

    Thank you!


    Thank you so much, that worked great!


    Ok you welcome

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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