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Responsiveness issue: certain images don't show properly in my site or your site

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    iPad in horizontal position don’t show front page slider images properly (the image is too enlarged and gets very blurry), also the title background images don’t show properly in the sub pages (image is too large and therefore blurry). When the iPad is turned into vertical position, the images are ok.

    When iPad is in horizontal position the images on your front page are also enlarged so that they get blurry but when iPad is turned into vertical position, the images are ok.

    With Samsung Edge s7 phone the horizontal and vertical position works fine with the front page slider images. BUT then in horizontal position the text in front of the TH: Featured Recent Work widget’s pictures disappear.

    So, you seem to have a serious responsiveness related problem here, when the theme works so differently with different devices. Vertical position seems to work fine in all the tested devices. Can you please fix this fast, I am going to lose money becuase of this!

    The site using Ambition free theme has problems:

    This site with another theme has no problems:
    E.g. the iPad shows images fine in horizontal and vertical position, no problems whatsoever


    Hi Minna,

    Apologies for the late reply. We missed you topic.

    For the clear view of image you have to upload the large size images so it supports the retina display devices.

    Also to support more images(recent work item) in a single row as of the horizontal screen size we have disappear the text TH: Featured Recent Work widget’s pictures.

    Yes theme appearance is different for different sizes. Vertical position will have smaller screen width size that of horizontal position. We have designed the theme according to the screen size for better UI Experiences.

    Thank you!


    Currently the large images on the front page are 1300px wide. I tried with over 5000px wide images and situation was worse with the iPad. So, how large the images should be?

    And for the other problem… if text disappears completely when turning one’s device, leaving only an image on the screen without even a heading… you call that better UI Experience??!! Seriously?!


    Hi Minna,

    Can you please provide us the site Url? So that we can see it on iPad and other devices too.
    Also can you please check our demo site of ambition theme in the same environment and does it look same as your site or not?

    Thank you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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