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Remove slider and slogan from blog page (but not home page)

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    Just wondering how I can hide the featured slider (not revolution slider, the other one in the theme) and slogan from the Blog page, but still have them both active on the home page?



    Hi Jumponline,

    Could you please specify the site url ?

    Just go to the dashboard -> setting -> reading -> choose the static page.

    View this url

    So that you will not have slogan in blog page but slogan in home page.

    Create a page name blog and at the right side there is template. Choose any template (blog image large, blog image medium and blog full content) to display in your style.

    Thank you!


    Thanks, the URL is

    I tried your suggestions above, which I had also tried before, and it hasn’t worked. Any other ideas? Thanks


    Hi jumponline,
    Could you provide you temporary username and password at [email protected] with this forum url and also your site url.

    Thank you!


    Thanks, have just sent that through!


    Hi jumponline,

    Just check it ? Is it ok now ?

    Thank you!


    i installed ultimate
    i have the same problem – if I set no blog page – the posts are not appearing- even i use blog layout…
    Tried css blog.featured-slider .displaynone {
    display: none;
    doesnt work..
    pls help


    Hi pat,

    Please post this topic in related forum ultimate pro and also provide your site Url too.
    First of all create any pages (name it as blog/ or any name you like). Then select the template from right side of the page. View this screenshot.

    Then in your blog page your blog post will be displayed. You don’t need to set it from dashboard -> settings -> reading
    View this screenshot.

    Thank you!


    The slogan problem in Blog is still appearing until now, is this solve already? How? Here’s my link (Interface Pro):


    Hello @restyumali-sl

    Sorry! it’s not a problem. By default theme enables slogan and slider in blog page as well front page.
    You can disable it in blog page via creating a new page with blog template.

    Just create a new page with any name and at the right side of the page editor there you can see Page Attributes choose any template (Blog image large, Blog image medium and Blog full content) and publish the page. Now this page shows blog.
    then go to Setting -> Reading under Your homepage displays option choose A static page option and select the page that you want to show in your Homepage and choose the page that you have just created on Post Page and save it.
    Now just open that page and you will not see slogan and slider in your blog page.

    Thank you!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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