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    Hello. I have 13 or 14 posts but only the first 10 show up on the front page, the rest are on ‘page 2’. I’d like to just have all my posts on the one page scrolling down the page. I figured there must be an option to select the number of posts per page but I just can’t find it. Can you help please?
    So to be explicit – I want to have these posts on page 2 http://jeremywrites.uk/page/2/ added to the bottom of the front page with all the rest of the posts in a continuation of the grid down the page. http://jeremywrites.uk/


    HI there,

    It’s simple, just login to your dashboard and go to Settings > Reading there you can see Blog pages show at most option set the number of posts that you want to display into your site and click save change button.

    Thank you!


    YES! It worked. Thank you so much. I was sure there’d be a simple setting to change like that but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Many thanks for replying so quickly. best wishes Jeremy


    Welcome anytime @eremyhead

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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