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Problems with the Slider


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    Why the image of my slider is locked ? And the texts appeared once then disappeared.

    My blog

    And it would be nice if there was a more detailed tutorial explaining how to use all Slider options.

    Sorry for my English by Google translator


    I ended up buying the revolution slider and solved the problem of locked file ( as another theme of the buyer, also found that the slider revolution came along , anyway … )

    But I have not found how to set to the path of my pages in Promotional Bar / Title Page , as shown in the model of you .

    How do I set it?

    my link

    demo link


    Hi Andre,

    Sorry for you language. We understand a bit about it. Do you mean, you want to display services page as in our demo. If yes then its very simple. Just do what we say.

    1>Create a page name services. At the right side there is a template. Select Service Page Template and click on Update/ Publish.
    2> After doing it go to dashboard-> appearance => widgets-> drag and drop Theme Horse: Promobox and Theme Horse: Services widgets to Service Page section sidebar.

    Hope this may help you
    Thank you!


    Sorry you but got it wrong. I want to put the path of the page below the title as the demo of you , as in this image here.



    Hi Andre.

    For this you need to use breadcrumbs. Install this Breadcrumbs NavXT in your dashbaord and now you can have it below title.

    Hope this may help you
    Thank you!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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