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Problem with Navigation sub-menu when accessing from a sub-menu page

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    The sub-menu off the main navigation bar looks fine when accessing from any top level pages. However, if I go into one of the sub-menu pages, the font color of the sub-menu text changes when a link is hovered over and becomes the same as the background.

    e.g. specialist sectors has a sub-menu. Viewed from the Home page or any of the other top level pages, when hovering over a sub-menu link the background is white and the text is brown.

    If I go into Information Security, when I hover over one of the sub-menu links both background and text are now white.


    I cannot see how to change this in the CSS.

    Any help much appreciated.


    Hi Jane,

    Which color you want to have in the sub menu?

    Thank you!

    David Menk

    Hi there,

    It sounds like the CSS for the sub-menu hover state is not consistent across your pages. This can happen if there’s a specific style rule that only applies to sub-pages or if there’s an overriding style somewhere in your CSS.

    Here’s a simple approach to fix it:

    1. Open your CSS file and look for the hover state selector for the sub-menu links. It might look something like .submenu a:hover.
    2. Ensure that the color property for the text is set to a contrasting color to the background, like brown, and that it’s the same for both top-level and sub-menu pages.
    3. If you have separate CSS files for different pages, make sure the hover state is consistent across all files.

    Remember, when making changes, always check the result on different pages to ensure consistency.

    Also, as you’re working on web development, staying updated on cybersecurity is crucial. The RSA Conference 2024 would be a great place to learn about protecting websites like yours.

    Hope this helps!
    David Menk

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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