Pricing Table Module in Layout Builder (Attitude Free)

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    Could you provide some guidance on the setup for Pricing Table module in Attitude Free? Specifically, I’m offering a few professional services (coaching and consulting), love the look of the pricing table modules – and want customers to pay via PayPal.

    The website is (Assessment)

    My questions are about how to set this up…
    1. I’d prefer to use the buttons on the Attitude pricing table. Is there html code that I can paste into PayPal?
    2. If I need to use the PayPal buttons instead, what do I do with the buttons in the module?
    3. Ultimately, I’d like to set up a shopping cart for this, if possible. Which carts are compatible with Attitude?


    Rabin Shrestha

    Hi Carrieanne,

    Currently we don’t have such Pricing module in our Attitude theme. You can use some free plugins available in WordPress repo. Same goes for the buttons. Their are lots of shortcode plugins that can be helpful to you.

    Also we haven’t checked our theme compatibility with any shopping cart but you can check out some in your local testing environment. Also ,we are currently working on making our theme Woocommerce compatible.



    your background colour is ugly.used the defualt


    Hi Rabin,
    Thanks -I just needed to get a little more familiar with the PayPal setup. All’s well, and I love the theme.

    LOL. And thanks for the unsolicited marketing feedback. Clearly, my developer skills are in need of uh, development. I’d like to have a background with some texture, so I’ll keep an eye out. In the meantime, it’s time to get back to my day job.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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