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Paypal button size too large


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    Hi. I’m setting up Paypal items on our web site and the “buy now” buttons are showing up too large. Some support research suggests that this is a theme setting and needs to be changed with customized CSS. If so, can you provide me with CSS that will work? Here’s the page URL link with the issue:

    You may also note that the letter spacing for Heading 2 is not correct; this is a sporadic problem that I have not been able to fix (sometimes it looks OK, most often not).




    Hi Eleanor,

    You can use the below custom CSS code to fix the PayPal button and h2 spacing. Just login to your WP dashboard and go to Appearance > Customize > Design Options > Custom CSS and paste the below custom CSS code.

    input.wpeevent_paypalbuttonimage {
        width: auto !important;
    .entry-content h2 {
        line-height: 1;

    Thank you!


    Thanks. That worked. But now I’m getting spam messages in response to my post. Here’s the text for one of them, from somebody with the user name 12naga (who should be banned):


    Hello there,

    Somebody tries to spam as this is a public forum and visible to everybody.
    Anyways we have banned those spam users and deleted those replies.

    Thank you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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