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only 1 category to be featured in the Home session TH Recent Post


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    Congratulations on the great theme.
    I would like to know if it is possible to select only 1 category to be featured in the home session “TH Recent Post”


    Hi Adriana,

    Sorry! For this you have to customize the theme code, you need to hire a developer as this is a new feature to add in the theme.

    Thank you!


    is because I have to always manipulate the “Date” of the post, to highlight only the posts that I wish to appear on Home.
    If you could just show the interest category, it would be much easier!
    >>>> The suggestion is to leave it on topic.
    Your theme is great.


    Hi @adriana1

    Since the widget is made for Recent Posts so it displays recent posts only. However, You can use Horizontal/Vertical Widget and we will provide you the custom CSS code to have the same appearance as Recent Posts Widget. Just provide your site Url after you set the Horizontal/Vertical Widget so that we can provide you a specific CSS code regarding to your site.

    Thank you!


    Great! I can use!
    but where do I find this “Horizontal / Vertical Widget”?
    Well I did not see this widgat in the theme package “Inc, By Theme Horse” … And I also did not find this plugin in WP.

    Thank you for your answer!


    Hi @adriana1,

    Sorry for the confusion here. We gave the solution for our magazine themes and later realized, it’s the topic under the ‘Inc’ theme. Ya we are sorry. It’s not possible to show post by categories. You really need to hire a developer to add this feature. Since we coded that widget only to show the recent post.



    oh, what a pity….
    … and you could not even give me an indication of which page I should move to try to change from “recent post” to “post features” this view?




    You can find the widget code in inc/inc-widgets.php

    Thank you!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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