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None of the code I enter into Custom CSS is working!


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    Hello- Please, please help!

    I have tried entering code in Custom CSS for several changes, none of which have worked. I have saved all changes and refreshed my browser, but it is hopeless. Maybe I am not using the right code? It would be fantastic if you could advise me on the code to use, as well.

    Changes I would like to make:
    -Change post title size, color, hover color
    -Change post content color
    -Hide post tags and author
    -Change color of Navigation bar and drop down

    Thank you

    Sanjip Shah

    @Mnavid You can use the following css for hide the post tags and author.
    .entry-meta .by-author, .entry-meta .category { display:none; }
    All other changes that you would like to make is available in the pro version
    you can purchase the pro version for this if you like.


    Hi Sanjip,

    Thank you so much for the code. It worked beautifully.

    Is there really no way to change the post title color/size without upgrading to the pro version? It’s such a simple change and should be doable in the version I have!

    Thank you,


    Sanjip Shah

    @Mnavid You can write the custom css on your own or hire some developer for this. In our free version we do not provide this support, you will have to purchase the pro version or hire a developer who can provide you the custom css. Thanks.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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