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Managing the navbar-head


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    I want to control the space on the very top of the site (navbar-head) look more beautiful or delete it from the page in a child theme. You could help me achieve this by answering some of the questions

    1. Where is the standard option where I can upload a photo to be used in navbar head(the region above the top nav).
    2. What file can I find the <div class=”navbar-head”> so I can comment that part out or something

    See image at:

    I'm primarly trying to delete or modify the area wraped in the green box?


    Now I know how to manage the banner. I would still like to know how to go about removing that HTML element though.



    You can easily find that section in header.php file. However, if you just need to hide it then just paste the below custom CSS code in Addition CSS section.

    .navbar-head {
        display: none;

    Additional CSS worked!



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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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