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Left / Right Sidebar – Different menus Depending on Page

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    My main question is if we have the ability to select different menus based on a page’s specific layout.

    For example look at this page which uses a left-sidebar:

    It has Team and Board | Coaches | Staff menus

    Now look at this page:

    We want to use the left-sidebar again as a layout for thos page but if we do the Team and Board | Coaches | Staff menus will show up. We would like to have the option when we use the left-sidebar layout for this page to have a different menu show up.

    Can this be done?


    Hi John,

    We have designed our theme this way. This feature is not available in our theme. It needs code customisation so you need to hire a developer to fix it.

    Thank you!


    I would love it if this option could be implemented in a future update as well.

    : Did you already find out a way to do this without the functionality of the theme itself?


    No. Did not want to make the template custom and have to worry about changes when the template gets updated. I agree that this should be part of the template moving forward.


    Hi All,

    Sorry we can not update the theme with this features. It needs code customisation. You have to hire a developer for this. Make sure that first create a child theme before customizing the code.

    Thank you!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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