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Latest News section doesnt appear in Google

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    1.Issue: As you can see the photo, Latest News section doesnt appear in Google. But this field appears in search engines such as opera, breave. How can I solve this?

    2.I want to add a stock image for advertisement in this field. How can I evaluate this area?


    Hi there,

    1. What do you mean by doesn’t appear in Google? Did you set the latest post in that banner section.

    2. For to add stock image for advertisement in that area, it needs code customization you need to hire a developer and add customization code in the bottom of the header.php file but we recommended you to customize those file via creating child theme.

    Thank you!


    1. This latest post area doesnt show in Google or Bing. Basically the area looks empty. But in opera or brave area shows well.
    2. How could i create child theme


    Sorry, we really didn’t get you about what you are saying. Google and Bing is the search engine. What is the meaning of not showing the latest post in Google and Bing? It shows only the links, not the website’s latest section, right? The website is meant to check on Web Browser.

    To make a child theme you need the basic knowledge of coding or you can hire a developer for it. You should make a child theme to customize code so that you won’t lose your customized code when updating the Theme to a newer version in the future.

    Some plugins may have the settings and documentation to add the ‘ads’ on the Website section. Maybe you don’t need to make a child theme just for it.

    BTW the Image slider is available on our premium version. You can upgrade to Premium Version for more Features. You can check the list of features and Preview of demos here


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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