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Installing new version of Clean Retina


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    OK, I’ve downloaded the new update. How do I install it? In my Dashboard no updates to themes are indicated. How do I tell WP that there’s an update?

    Also, I am using a Child theme. Will this automatically incorporate all the new changes or do I have to generate a new child theme?

    Sorr for dim questions, am new to WordPress.


    Hi Kate,

    First activate a different theme and delete the old version of Clean Retina Pro theme then upload the new version of the theme and activate it. If you have not customize the code then there will be no any changes you will find but if you customize the code then your all customize code will be lost. So, first back up your previous version of clean retina pro and then only activate the new one.
    And also We can not notify our users in WP because our pro themes are of subscription type and you have to manually activate.

    Thank you!


    How do you delete old version? Am not seeing any obvious way.


    Figured it out. Am new to too.


    Hi Lindsay,

    It’s simple first activate a different theme and delete the old version of Clean Retina Pro theme before doing this we recommend you to back-up your old version if you have customize the code. See the screenshot to delete the old version of the theme

    Thank you!


    OK, I have backups and I now understand how to do all this. But can you help with the Child theme issue? I have customised my child theme with colours, menus, and a little bit of extra code to improve spacing etc and am currently using it, ie it is activated. If I delete the parent theme and install the new version, will the child theme still work or will I have to start from scratch and reconstruct everything again?


    Hi Kate,

    Your child theme will still work you do not have to set that all again and again.
    We only means to say that if you have customize the code in them main parent theme then only your data will be lost and you have to backup it before deleting it.

    Thank you!


    Brilliant! So to recap, all I have to do is change temporarily to another theme, delete and reinstall Clean Retina Pro, then re-activate my child theme and everything will be OK?


    Hi Kate,

    Yes first activate the theme to any one and delete the old version and reinstall the new version. If you have customize the the code in you parent theme (old version) then first back-up your old version before deleting it.

    Thank you!


    Dear Theme Horse

    A: How do I backup the theme settings of the current version of Clean Retina Pro?
    B: How do I import those settings into the newer version of Clean Retina Pro?

    Thank you for your help.


    PS: You really need to find a way to make the automatic update function. This is a real turn-off having to do this manually.


    Hi hypergolica,
    Copy the theme file in you PC that we have provided while you bought Clean Retina Pro theme. After doing backup your database from CPanel. Then delete the old version of your theme and install the fresh new version.
    If you have not make any changes in core file of Clean Retina Pro than your data will not be lost. If you made any changes on the core file then all your customisation code will be lost.

    All your settings will be saved in your database so you need not to worry while updating to new version but there should not be made any code customisation.

    We cannot make automatic update functions because we only have once year of subscription.

    Thank you!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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