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Image size


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    Whats the right image size for posts (pixelsxpixels) ?


    Hello Dunde,

    There is no any recommended image size.
    You can use any image size you need, however we have used 800 by 480 pixels of image in our demo sites.

    Thank you!



    I cant’ post a good image that fit all the post …

    I WANT TO PAY THE PRO SUPPORT and UPGRADE to 1.2.1 … BUT only if someone fix this!

    Last try img 666×338 … OK in “Recent NEWS” and “Other News” *BUT NOT* on “article”, “Latest Post” or “Most Viewed”..- the img is cutted… (like double zoomed as when cursor pass on it) … WHY?

    Plz help and i suddendly upgrade!


    Hi Dunde,

    Your posts are looking great with images.
    What actually you need? So that can provide you a exact custom CSS code if possible.

    Thank you!


    Here’s the errors!

    Same image differently displayed whit cut/crop/errors… help! How i have 1 img always correctly displayed?

    Errors Newscard PRO


    Hi Dunde,

    We have set the different image size for different parts of sections to match the height. If we shown the same images for the different parts of sections there will be height a problem.
    We have designed the theme this way for better user experience.

    Thank you!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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