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icons on site broken

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    I’m having a problem with the Inc theme that I cannot correct. If you visit you will see that the icons on the location bar (immediately below the header image and above the title and header menus) are broken. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the theme, I’ve re-saved the permalinks, and I can’t figure out why the path to these images is not resolving. I should mention that the images do resolve for a while right after I reinstall the theme, and then they end up broken again.

    I am using this same theme on another site located on the same server, The theme works perfectly there, so I don’t think it’s a server-level issue.

    I’m not sure what I should try next. Any ideas for troubleshooting this issue are welcome.


    Hi dnix,

    We found that some External plugin have affected the Theme. The icon files are being blocked so it couldn’t load on your Site. Please check by deactivating the Plugins one by one.



    I solved my problem, and it turned out to be the Hummingbird caching plugin by WPMU. There are some plugin settings that involve caching images. Once I disabled those settings in the plugin control panels, no more problems.

    I hope this helps you get your site sorted out.


    Hi Dnix,

    Great that you solved it.
    If you have any problem do not hesitate to contact us.

    Thank you!


    Do you just need to disable the icon cache in the plugins or did you do something else? Can you tell me, thank you in advance?
    In good faith Paul.


    Hi Paul,
    At this point I don’t remember exactly what I did. I was fighting with a number of issues with the site, so there were a few changes made. I was able to change the way Hummingbird was configured by disabling some of the default image optimizations but exactly which ones I don’t remember. Sorry I can’t be more helpful about this.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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