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i can't find the social media icons in ambition pro?

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    where can I add the social media data in ambition pro?
    at the “contact info bar” I find nothing to enter my fb address.

    please can you help?

    thank you


    Hi Irit,

    View this Link which helps you to add social icon as shown on demo site.

    Thank you!


    I followed these instructions from your wiki page, but I never found the correct place to “add menu” that gave me a choice to create a social media menu with the list of social networks that your screen shot in the instructions shows. I created a new menu, chose to add a link for Facebook and named the link, but when I saved the new menu and said it was a Social media menu, i don’t see it showing anywhere on my home page.


    I never saw the various choices for Twitter and Google+ as shown in the screen shot, but the “f” for Facebook now appears on my site. So apparently it did work for me.


    Hi Jeffrey,

    Did you solved social icon issues? To display twitter icon you must add link and for google plus helps to display twitter icon helps to display google plus icon

    Thank you

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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