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How to use another slider instead of unsupported Revolution Slider

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    due to your decision to stop develop your theme with Revolution Slider and to case that the latest version included originaly with your theme (4.6.0) is no more supported by wordpress and PHP 7 I must use another slider. Becouse of price I have decided to use MetaSlider Pro. Could You help me how to change or where the settings to use MetaSlider in your theme.

    Thank You for Your support


    Hi Adi,

    We have not stopped to support for Revolution Slider, we just removed the slider from the theme file as of the WP Guidelines and automatic update problem.
    This plugin still supports PHP 7 and the latest version of the WordPress.
    FYI, MetaSlider Pro is more expensive than Revolution Slider, MeatSlider Pro cost $39 per year where Revolution Slider is just $29 onetime payment with lifetime update.
    We still recommended you to use Revolution Slider because it’s far more better than MetaSlider Pro.

    Thank you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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