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How To Show Full Blog Post Text on Homepage

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    On homepage, is there a way to show full blog posts text instead of a summary and “Read More”?



    Hi cabeto
    You want to display the blog full content on the home page not the business page ? Then you go to the page and for blog page use the template blog full content display.
    And then go to the dashboarf->setting->reading
    and select the static page and choose the post page (your post page name)

    If you want to display the full content in business template then you cannot do this because we have designed our theme this way.


    This is exactly the same issue I am having. But I don’t understand your reply.

    I am converting from an old theme to Attitude-Pro. Currently all my blog posts on the front page are in excerpt form. I wish to revert them to Full Content. Could you please explain more clearly how to do this?

    I have looked on your instructions: “how to set up blog page”, but this doesn’t help. Why would I need to create a new page? And where would I find the template page drop down? (it doesn’t appear when creating a new page)


    hi jane
    Are you talking about attitude pro ? Please specify your post to the particular post. You have post it in this interface free.
    Could you again post it in attitude – pro ?
    Thank you


    Hi Jane,

    I’m using attitude free and still cannot show all my blog posts full content on home page… I don’t want to show just one post on the home page, I want to show all my blog posts on the home page but full content not in excerpt form.



    Hi Cabeto and Jane
    We have designed our theme this way. To have a full content you need to customize your code or you may hire a developer to fix it.
    Before customizing the code you must make a child theme and only customize the code. Because while updating to our new version all your customization code will be lost.
    Thank you



    I understand that the theme was created this way, but it seems like it would be even more extensible if there were a way to show full blog entries on the home page! Let us (paid) users know if there is way to do this in Interface Pro. Thanks!


    hi Vicki,
    Yes you can display the blog full content in your home page. Just view this screen shot and my answers:-

    First of all create a page and named it as blog, and at the right side there is template select blog full content.
    View this screen shot

    After doing it go to dashboard -> setting -> reading
    and view this screen shot

    Hope this helps you all to display blog full content in front page or home page.

    Thank you!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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